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1050 Pearl Street
Brockton, MA 02301


Tutto Bene is open Tuesday through Saturday

Evening dining begins at 4 pm.
e also open at 4 for retail purchases and take-out orders.
    Functions and catering are available any day or time by prior appointment.

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Pasta Bene is now Tutto Bene!
That's right, we've changed our name...but everything else is the same: the same people, the same location and, most importantly, the same great food.

The restaurant has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a little shop selling authentic handmade fresh pasta. And we've continued to evolve, always bringing you new and fresh culinary ideas. We will always be true to our roots, offering the best in authentic Italian food. And we will still sell our fine pasta products under the Pasta Bene name in our retail shop.

But for some time now, as many of our loyal patrons know, we've been offering what we like to call creative American cuisine. Food that goes well beyond pasta. And while pasta will always have a special place on our menu, we will continue to offer many other exciting and innovative dishes; dishes that our customers have responded very favorably to, and that are moving the restaurant in a new direction.

Given this new direction, our old name, Pasta Bene, just didn't seem to be the right fit anymore. It was like a favorite old suit that we loved wearing, but finally had to admit was a little out of date.

So it is in the spirit of this new culinary direction that we have changed our name to Tutto Bene. In Italian, it means 'it's all good.' So whether you're in the mood for one of our classic Italian dishes, or you fancy one of our contemporary specialties, you can rest assured that, at Tutto Bene, it's all good!

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Trivia Night
Every Wednesday from 7-9pm
Come yourself or bring a team.
Have a bite to eat & some friendly competition. 
Winner gets a prize!

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Look who stopped by the restaurant...

Actor Bill Murray stopped by to have some fine food and visit with owner Ben Albanese. And former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney stopped by. Word is that both of them enjoyed themselves and had high praise for the food. You never know who's going to drop in!

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Welcome to our site. You’ll find out all about Pasta Bene here...the restaurant, as well as Pasta Bene’s many fine retail products that are for sale at our restaurant shop.

The restaurant is a decidedly unique combination of fine Italian cooking, served in a relaxed and casual setting. The menu is generous enough to offer traditional Italian dishes, as well as more contemporary Mediterranean fare. Whatever your choice, each dish arrives at your table prepared with a culinary devotion that spans generations of the Albanese family.

And that same devotion goes into our full line of retail products. It’s with these products that Pasta Bene actually got its start, as a small shop making and selling the finest authentic hand-made fresh pasta products anywhere. The response was so great, that we continued adding to our products menu, until it grew into the restaurant that so many people know and love today.

So whether you come to know us as a restaurant where you can dine on the truly authentic Italian cuisine, or that special shop where you find the best homemade ravioli that money can buy, the end result is always the same: a dining experience that manages to somehow be like no other. We invite you to come in and taste for yourself.

We also invite your questions and comments. Feel free to contact us at info@benemeansgood.com

Evening dining begins Tuesday through Saturday at 4 pm.
e also open at 4 for retail purchases and take-out orders.
    Functions and catering are available any day or time by prior appointment.